Mass Scale Plantation

Cultivation and conservation of Leptadenia Reticulata plantation up to 1,00,000 plants in the 1st phase.

Nursery and Research

In order to conserve the threatned species, we do the R&D work for the following medicinal plants. And in turn, they will be the second stage of our plantation.

- Leptadenia Reticulata
- Cetrullus Colocynths
- Plumbago Zeylanica

Contract Farming

We undertake the contract farming under agreement conditions for the following medicinal plants.

- Andrographis Peniculata
- Withenia Somnifera
- Moringa Olefera (PKM 1 variety, only for leaves)

Jeevanti and its substitute

A confusion prevails in the trade of Jeevanti as the Following plants are also in Trade having more or less the similar properties of Leptadenia Reticulata and used as a substitute of L. Reticulata under the name Jeevanti,Hem Jeevanti,Suvarna Jeevanti. On account of non-availability of Leptadenia Reticuleta in bulk throughout the year, the end user sometimes tempted to use the following plants as a substitute to Leptadenia Reticulata.

1. Wattakaka Volubilis
2. Dregea Volubilis
3. Holostemma Adakoedin
4. Dendrobium Macrei (Orchids from China and Nepal)

Each plant has its own characteristics, they have some common chemistry, but the percentage of components differ. End user applications are different. They are used as substitute to Leptedina Reticulata because of the fact that cultivated Leptedina Reticulata is not available in bulk. BUT When a True, Genuine plant, Leptadenia Reticulata, one of the basic Rasayana group plant, a Natural Galactogogue, is available with best quality parameters in bulk to meet your requirements. Why to use Substitute Plants? Please book your requirement on priority.