Ramesh Joshi presenting a momento to the Hon'ble Shri. A. M. Sheikh - Vice Chancellor of Anand Agriculture University, Anand at the seminar on Marketing Economics of Medicinal Plants in Gujarat on 20th March 2013.

The farm is managed by Mr. Rameshchandra L. Joshi and his Son, Mr. Bhargav Joshi. Mr. Joshi (M.Sc. in Experimental Biology, 1971) has done extensive research work on Eco physiology of Semi Arid Zone plants. Research paper: Eco Physiological studies of two perennial plants of Semi Arid Zone of Saurashtra Region by S.C Pandey, R. L. Joshi( June, 1972, Symposium on International Biological Productivity,USSR, Leningrad Branch.)

Experience in Agriculture – Medicinal Plants Cultivation:

Since long, we have been engaged in Farming of Medicinal plants. After my retirement from the Public Health Department in January, 2006, we have undertaken the following activities in the field of Medicinal Plant Cultivation:

1. Conservation of Threatened Species
2. Mass Scale Plantation:
3. Farmers Awareness Forum:

We have been motivating the Farmers of neighboring Taluka to undertake Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic plants scientifically and intends to form a Large scale Farmers Association. We also conduct informal tutorials for agro Techniques for various Medicinal plants, its Post Harvest Managements, and its Marketing and Concept Formation for the Need to have a Basic Platform Such as Cooperative Society or Association at Local level for the marketing of Medicinal plants.

We are thankful for ever to Dr. Shri Ram, Dr. A. D. Patel, Dr. Mahesh Patel, Dr. D. M. Korat, Dr. T. M. Bharpoda, Dr. Borad, Dr. Radadia and Prof. Hirapara of Anand Agriculture University for their warm technical support.